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Erdogan: Recognizing Palestinian State Key to Stability, Peace in ME

CAIRO, September 14, 2011 (WAFA) - Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Wednesday called for tolerance in the Middle East (ME) by recognizing a Palestinian state, which he sees as key to stability and peace in the region.

In a speech at the Turkish embassy, in Cairo, Erdogan stressed his countries support of President Mahmoud Abbas, in his quest to the United Nations (UN), welcoming such a move.

He said that the Israeli President Shimon Peres requested that turkey contributes in building settlements in the West Bank, “imagine that he asked me to help in building settlements in the West Bank in order to provide additional houses for Jews, who moved from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank!”

“When I confronted Peres in Davos, in Switzerland, Peres seemed to be trying to advocate for peace! I couldn’t take off my mind the image of the terrified Palestinian kid Mohammad al-Dora hiding behind his father, to protect himself from the Israeli bullets, unfortunately killed by those bullets, while Peres was talking to me, this I did not like! Because he was not honest in his attempts for peace,” he said.

He stressed that Turkey will not change its policy unless Israel changes its policy. He said, “Israel should apologize for Freedom Flotilla 2, the international humanitarian aid fleet to Gaza, compensate and lift the siege on Gaza. Unless Israel meets these three conditions, the relations between the two countries will never go back to normal.”

“We know the reasons behind denying turkey its membership in the EU, but turkey loses nothing due to Europe’s rejection, however, they do; they lose a connection with one and a half billion Muslims,” he concluded.

Palestine News & Info Agency - WAFA - Erdogan

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