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AbuYazan @Gybo ...
was released by the internal security an hour ago but I've been given a notice to go back again on Sunday; september 11th ... The question that should be asked is what do these idiots want from me and why are they investigating and torturing me? Did I do anything wrong or against the law? Is asking for my freedom and the freedom of the youth in Gaza a crime? Is helping the marginalized families in Gaza wrong? Is the participation in the weekly demonstrations against the buffer zone illegal? Is organizing rallies to end Palestinian split illegitimate??? All am asking for is a clear explanation of why I got arrested and questioned for over 7 times in less than a month. If I get a reasonable answer, I promise I'll quit all my activities. But as long as i am not getting answers, I will keep doing what i am doing no matter what happens and screw all those who question me!!! I won't be a slave for their created rules and laws and I'll do whatever i feel is righ and GYBO youth group will be stronger and stronger until the change happens. If our politicians don't like what we're doing then they'll have to put all of us in jail or kill all of us!

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